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This blog is an archive through the thoughts and adventures of Mike and Steph Edsall, career people-lovers with The Navigators since 1981.

They live in  Bratislava, Slovakia,  assisting their Slovak colleagues in “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.”  Steph is also on the team of Lifesprings Women’s Ministries International , “Encouraging women worldwide to impact their communities with the love of God.”

Mike and Steph are at their best sitting across from a friend (or stranger) with a cup of coffee and an open Bible.  Coffee’s on us.


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The Hand-off to the Next Generation

These are the young leaders that are “taking the baton and running with it.”*                                   Two of our key values.  Three, if you include Juanita’s Chips at the end.               *Track metaphor… once … Continue reading The Hand-off to the Next Generation

Responsible Citizenship

While God says it in the negative (as in what the bad shepherd won’t do) he sets out what a good shepherd should do… Zechariah 11:16*   “Care for the perishing” “Seek the wandering (youth)” “Heal the maimed” “Nourish the healthy”   Care, seek, heal, nourish… not a bad synopsis of responsible citizenship for a … Continue reading Responsible Citizenship

Jesus’ Girls

I have this mental image of Jesus and his men.  Primary Sunday School classrooms have pastel scenes of him patting children on the head and pictures of the crucifixion might have his mom and some women off to the side but the dominant image in our Protestant minds is Jesus… and “The 12”.  It’s a … Continue reading Jesus’ Girls

“You ought…”

We have a friend named Stowe who has a gift for illustration.  He once described the common relationship with God as similar to how we approach a used car salesman. “What’s the lowest you’ll take?” We’d like sale price spirituality.  Maturity on the cheap.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, especially in light of John … Continue reading “You ought…”

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