Supporting The Edsall’s

Needs For 2018

Travel:  Estimated $10,000 for the year.

Besides back and forth to the US for conferences and recruiting, we fly/train/drive throughout Western and Central Europe following up on our students and linking with the other Lifesprings and Nav ministries.

Summer Programs:  We hope to sponsor 6 students at $500 per./ $3000 total.

We (you and us) have been sending High School students for a month at a Christian camp in the US for the last three years.  This exposure has stimulated vision and personal growth in the hearts and minds of these future laborers.  We hope to expand and develop this program in the future, a few more kids at a time. 

Lifesprings/Navigators Women’s Conference, translation, and Publishing:  $5000

Stephanie and her team of women have been planning the first annual Women’s Conference for almost a year.  Bringing in a renowned speaker and author while simultaneously translating and publishing her companion book and materials in Slovak exceeds the income that the conference can generate.  To launch this properly will take quite a bit of help.  

Grand Total:  $18,000

One can immediately contribute HERE… or keep reading. 


Ministering From A Distance

Money is a tool, a medium of transfer, neither good nor bad in itself.  God gives each of us 168 hours a week to spend, invest, or squander. We give some of those hours to those we love, we spend some on ourselves, and we trade some of them for a paycheck.  When we financially support a ministry, we aren’t just giving dollars we’ve earned, we’re transferring time.

When you give time you give 
     opportunity to meet a new student, 
          availability to mentor the one already interested, and the
               privilege to invest in the next generation of faithful men and women.  

Financial support is partnering in ministry.

To make an immediate contribution online

click here

If you are prompted for a password, type Dawson

Or if you prefer, you may make checks out to “The Navigators”, note “for Mike and Steph Edsall, #30759” in the Memo slot, and mail to:

The Navigators
PO Box 6079
Albert Lea, MN 56007-6679

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