At The Snap Of My Praying Fingers

“Your people shall all be righteous;
they shall possess the land forever.
They are the shoot that I planted, the work of my hands,
so that I might be glorified.
The least of them shall become a clan,
and the smallest one a mighty nation;
I am the LORD”
in its time I will accomplish it quickly.  Is. 60:21-22


We Navigators love these kinds of verses, promises of significance that God has made to Israel and that we, rightly or presumptuously, apply to ourselves.  I’ll bet I have every one of them underlined in some bible still stored in a box somewhere.  This passage stood out this morning, highlighting one of the three things I have to trust God for.

First I have to trust that God can do stuff.  Is God really able to do whatever… whatever He says, whatever I ask… anything?  Really?

Second, OK, He can do anything, but will He?  Does He care?  About the world, about people…about me?  Does He understand how desperate I am?  Does He hear my prayer?

And that leads us to a short phrase at the end of a chapter I read this morning.

“In its time I will accomplish it quickly.”

God is not my servant or worse, a magical vending machine that I manipulate with my righteous behaviour or the right words.  He cares, He listens, and He can and will act in this world, but when He wants to, in His timing, not at the snap of my praying fingers.  So, can I wait?  Can I trust that He not only knows “what” and “how” but “when”? 

Ahh, patience!  Not my favorite.

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