What now?

If you are wondering what the Edsall’s are up to these days, here is what we wrote a year ago.  It says it about as well as we can so call it a reminder (with comments and updates.)  


For much of the last decade we’ve been living out of a rolling duffel or carry-on backpack.  That doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.  (An understatement!)  For the last four years we have been based outside the United States.  That is going to change.

First let us say, nothing is wrong… we aren’t discouraged, (actually very encouraged), we aren’t quitting.  We love Slovakia and our friends there.  Our young Slovak colleagues are leading the work, (first staff appointed May 1, 2019), and that was always the plan.  God  blessed our time there. and that time is not completely over.  We are not closing the door, turning the key, and tossing it away.  (Our door is always open, having already hosted Slovak colleagues three times.)


We are planning (accomplished) to relocate to the East Coast of US, (Beverly, MA, 25 mi. north of Boston), Fall of 2018, returning to Europe for a third of each year.   We will continue under the NavMissions arm of the Navigators with many of the same, and a few added, responsibilities but our job descriptions remain essentially the same

1.  Navigator Student Ministry in Central Europe.

2.  Stephanie will continue her work developing women leaders with Lifesprings Int. throughout Europe.

3.  While in the US we will be stimulating world vision and missions among America’s young people, helping them see the world through the lens of God’s heart for everyone.

So, still a bit of flying in our future. The changes are mostly changes in emphasis, a little in location.  We appreciate the years of support and encouragement.  We covet your prayers.  We will still need them.

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